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Grease Traps in Miami Homes

Miami Grease Traps


Grease traps are an effective tool for preventing solids such as oils, fats and grease from passing through to a Miami water system. They do this by putting the untreated water into one of its two tanks. In this tank, the water is cooled to room temperature, making the grease and oils float to the top of the tank. Once this process is done, the water which is free from all the unwanted elements continues into the second tank where the process is repeated again.
There are three classifications of Miami grease traps and each is classified based on its use. These are the Hydro mechanical unit, the Gravity unit and the Automatic Grease Removal Unit. Each type of trap has its own unique features which allows for it to effectively capture grease and all three have been known to be very durable.

A hydro mechanical unit relies on the basics of heat and gravity to separate the water from its contents. These units are typically designed in plastic or carbon steel which allows for easy cleaning. Although this unit requires manual cleaning and the avoidance of food scraps from entering its main unit, this type of trap is still one of the most effective units in terms of reducing grease. These types of units are also known as above ground grease traps.

A gravity unit makes use of two chambers, one of which is the main entrance of the water and the other which serves as its exit. The advantage to having one of these types of traps is that it does not require a lot of manual cleaning and is more effective than the Hydro mechanical unit in terms of trapping grease. These types of units could also be referred to as large underground grease traps.

The third unit which is known as the automatic grease removal unit makes full use of electrical components which removes the grease from the water. These units are much smaller and can eliminate a lot of grease, but are very expensive and cost a lot to maintain.

Grease traps are a very effective tool because of the amount of pollution that it is able to reduce. For people looking to improve their Miami home, a gravity unit would be most beneficial because of its effectiveness in removing grease. The automatic grease removal unit would be ideal, but it is very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance while a hydro mechanical unit is usually for restaurants. Contact your Miami grease trap installation company to discuss this option for your home.

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